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Stress LESS With Aromatherapy

October 24, 2017

Smelling essential oils stimulates the brain. The scent sends a signal to the limbic system of the brain that regulates emotions. This part of the brain releases chemicals that can make you feel relaxed, calm, or sometimes stimulated.

I have used aromatherapy with my clients and patients for many years. I use lavender combinations with my patients with cancer and other critical diseases. I also use lavender for my people with grief, anxiety and depression disorders. The lavender is an ancient herb with calming properties and works incredibly for stress, anxiety, and depression. Citrus aromas, such as orange, tangerine or lemon have helped my patients and clients with depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and anxiety. Vanilla is another aroma I have had a great experience with.

I have found that aromatherapy is a wonderful adjunct therapy for physical, psychological and spiritual conditions.

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