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Take Off Your Shoes

July 11, 2017

The soles of your feet have over 20,000 nerve endings. There are more nerve endings in your feet than any comparable size on your body. Eighty percent of your foot is exposed to the floor when you walk barefoot. All of those precious nerves are sending messages to your brain with every step. These nerves are signaling your brain that the floor is cold, hot, wet, dry, hard, soft or uneven. These nerves send information that literally saves our lives.

Some researchers believe that we should go barefoot regularly to keep the information highway to our brains alive and fresh and this may help increase our memory as we age.

Take a mindful barefoot walk around the house or around the yard to reduce your stress. Take a deep breath and be mindful of the sensory information your feet are experiencing. Are your feet telling your brain the surface is cold, hot, flat, soft or hard? Shed your shoes at least once a week and enjoy this mindful experience. Your feet will love you for it!

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