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Animals Are Stress Busters

September 26, 2017

Our four-legged friends reduce stress and are good for your physical, mental and emotional health. The shelters are overflowing with animals so please consider bringing home a new member of your family.

Reasons to Get a Pet

  1. Relieves stress and boosts your mood. 

Research shows our pets help relieve stress and enhance mood. Indiana University Media School reported that people who viewed cat videos felt less sad, anxious, or annoyed and more positive after they watched the videos online.

  1. Increases your physical activity.

Research shows people with pets get more exercise and keep active which helps with weight control and overall health.

  1. Good for your heart health.

The American Heart Association published a study in the journal “Circulation,” that reported an evaluation of studies of pet ownership and cardiovascular disease (CVD). The researchers concluded that “there is a substantial body of data that suggests that pet ownership is associated with a reduction in CVD risk factors [e.g., heart rate, blood pressure] and increased survival in individuals with established CVD.”

  1. Helps kids read. 

Children who have difficulty reading do better when they read to a dog who is patient and gives them unconditional love.

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